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Author: Rohan Haté |

Rohan is an amazing lawyer and a genuine and caring person. What makes him a remarkable lawyer is that – in addition to his experience – he is exceptionally driven to deliver fairness and success for his clients. His approach is that he and his team set everything up for his clients (being on top of all legal matters as well as arranging medical care, transportation etc) so that the clients don’t have to lift a finger. His commitment and legal strategies ensure his clients get maximum compensation. He takes his clients’ battles personally and treats people as individuals, not just files. He is someone you can trust and rely on. He has a lot of clients, yet everyone has a way to reach him quickly and get a rapid response from him.

In my experience, he operates with integrity and keeps his word. He will fight for you and will stop at nothing to ensure you get everything you are entitled to.  I am very happy I met Rohan and advise you to go with him if you want a strong and a trustworthy advocate on your side.

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