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Brain injuries, as compared to the other types of injuries, are unique mainly for the fact that they can be extremely difficult to spot.

This is because they can take days or even weeks to manifest, meaning symptoms can show up at a date much after the accident. Also, the symptoms for brain injuries can vary widely, and can be different for two people in the same situation. Some of the most common brain injuries include the following:

  • Cerebral contusions
  • Brain swelling
  • Skull fractures
  • Concussion
  • Hemorrhages

It is important to note that symptoms involving the brain should never be taken lightly, no matter how small they appear to be. A slight migraine might seem harmless in the moment but can be a symptom for a much more serious issue. And the best way for a personal injury lawyer to help you is if they know the condition of the injury as soon as possible. In certain situations, you may have a loved one who, due to the brain injury, is not able to communicate. In these situations, reaching out to an attorney on that person’s behalf is the best thing to do.

One of the most debilitating forms of brain injury is called traumatic brain injury. This type of injury occurs when the brain is injured by a sudden, high intensity force. This will usually result in the swelling of the brain, but in some cases it can tear blood vessels inside the brain itself (which can be devastating for the victim’s ability to live a normal life). If the trauma results in damage to the skull itself, it is classified as a penetrating head injury. This penetrating injury is not too difficult to diagnose. On the other hand, closed head injuries are much more difficult. These are injuries where the brain is damaged, but the skull remains unchanged. Misdiagnosis of this type can lead to life-long issue, some of which may be irreversible.

Overall, traumatic brain injury can cause the following: paralysis, seizures, blindness, memory loss and impaired communication. An experienced brain injury lawyer can assist in compiling evidence on your behalf.


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